The Science Behind Puffin Health Products

What Is a Liposome?

Simply put, a liposome is a nano-sized bubble consisting of an outer shell made of healthy phospholipids—or healthy fats—and a hollow liquid center.

But a liposome is more than that. It’s a carrier, and those phospholipids are what make it able to transport precious nutrient cargo through the harsh environment of your body—especially your gut! Phospholipids are the major building blocks of cell membranes as well. This gives liposomes the advantage of speaking your body’s language; it’s like having high-level clearance to your inner environment.

What it really comes down to, is that liposomes can deliver the vitamins, nutrients, drugs, etc., that are placed into them directly to the bloodstream. Traditional vitamin and nutrient forms have to negotiate the harsh environment of your gut and be metabolized through digestion. Liposomes offer a protective escort through the warzone of your gastric juices, and deliver your vitamins and nutrients at a dramatically higher rate to your bloodstream—where they can protect you!    

How Does Liposomal Technology Work?

The beautiful thing is, liposomal technology mimics nature—at least Puffin Health’s CELLg8® liposomal technology does.

Our award-winning chemist, Dr. Emek Blair, took his cue from nature. Not surprising, considering he’s a scientist who was raised on holistic nutrition. So, first and foremost, Puffin Health liposomes use naturally derived lipids created through safe manufacturing processes—otherwise, what’s the point of mimicking nature?

Liposomes, for example, are how babies take nutrition from breast milk. Infants can’t absorb all the nutrients they need through the digestive system. Naturally occurring lipids in breast milk form around nutrients and protect them throughout the digestive process.

Why not mimic nature and create a way to get vitamins, nutrients, and herbal supplements past digestion using a proven method. But safe, effective liposomes are not easily produced. Dr. Blair has been perfecting the customization of liposomes for the purpose of efficient, effective delivery to the bloodstream for nearly two decades.

After creating the liposome from lipids derived from natural, non-GMO sunflowers, he is able to inject the specified nutrient into either the liquid center or the lipid layer for safe transport to the bloodstream.

For example, if the vitamin is “hydrophilic” (mixes with water), it will go into the aqueous inner part of the liposome. If the vitamin is “hydrophobic” (doesn’t mix with water), it will be embedded in the lipid layer of the liposome.

In this way, vitamins get delivered, in their way, into the bloodstream. That’s customization! To learn more, check out how the Puffin Health’s CELLg8 technology difference is inspired by nature and backed by science.