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New Technology Helps Immune System Fight Virus

April 08, 2020

Did you know that Vitamin C is vital to your immune health?


Did you know that your body can’t make Vitamin C, so we have to get it from outside sources?

Did you also know that traditional Vitamin C supplements have poor bioavailability, which means they don’t absorb very well into your bloodstream?

So how are we supposed to get the Vitamin C that is so vital to our immune function? Many experts say we should eat it … Be that’s just not good enough—for many reasons. I’ll tell you all about those in a minute.

First, and most importantly, what you urgently need to know is that there is finally a solution to getting enough Vitamin C for your immune health … it’s a new, next generation technology that harnesses the amazing power of liposomes.

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Is Vitamin C necessary to fight infection?

A recent study published in the science journal, Nutrients, titled “Vitamin C and Immune Function”, stated that in order to prevent infection, a person needs 100-200 mg/day of Vitamin C “saturating” their blood, and significantly more if already infected.

You can’t get those levels from traditional vitamins, and it’s highly unlikely that you can eat and digest those levels into your bloodstream. It’s certainly not practical. That’s why today I’m introducing you to our new CELLg8 technology that can deliver those levels through custom liposome technology! It’s clinically proven!


But first, let’s talk for a minute about why you need Vitamin C in your blood anyway.

It’s because that’s where the Vitamin C can find its way into the defense cells of your innate immune system. These are called phagocytes, and they are your first responders. And with the coronavirus, that first response is critical! Our Puffin Health Liposomal Vitamin C can get it to your bloodstream using CELLg8 liposomal technology.

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Vitamin C also has to make it to your bloodstream because it accumulates in your T cells and B cells. These are the specialized cells of your adaptive immunes system that learn and remember. T cells make four different kinds of cells that do the special ops that hunt down the virus in blood and tissue. B cells make the virus antibodies in your blood. They can’t carry out their tasks without Vitamin C.

Therefore, you want the most powerful, efficient, quickest Vitamin C supplement to give your immune function maximum preparedness, right? Of course, you do. Who wouldn’t?

Did you also know that your body relies on Vitamin C to make collagen, which is necessary for healing wounds? This means that Vitamin C helps make your skin—your first line of defense against pathogens—more durable and resilient.


So what about this liposome technology—CELLg8 by Puffin Health?

Liposomes are not new. They are everywhere in nature, because they are used by nature to make things happen. But we’ve customized them—our award-winning chemist has literally designed them—to be special little efficient delivery vehicles for your Vitamin C. And guess where the drop off is? Right in your bloodstream! Where Vitamin C can be absorbed into those defense cells and into the bone marrow where T cells are made.

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But why don’t traditional vitamins work?

Forget about them. No matter how much you take, most of them are vaporized in your stomach. They end up being whisked away on a river of urine, along with your money and precious time and energy that could have been used to arm your immune system with Vitamin C. Taking more doesn’t help and will only give you an upset stomach and diarrhea. Our Puffin Health Liposomes are packed with Vitamin C and bypass digestion, so no stomach issues!

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And why isn’t eating my Vitamin C a good plan?

It’s hard to eat enough Vitamin C daily for your immune system to be fit enough to face the coronavirus. And most of us don’t live lifestyles where we eat that crazy healthy. On top of that, you’re betting that your digestion and metabolism and the conditions in your gut are operating at maximum efficiency every time to get most of that Vitamin C into your bloodstream. Do you really want to take the risk? During this coronavirus outbreak?

Also, our guts become less efficient as we age. Many people develop age-related health problems that keep them from digesting well and unable to eat certain foods. The amazing news that I’m here to tell you about is that our Puffin Health Liposomal Vitamin C doesn’t need your gut to get it into the bloodstream. No digestion required!


Don’t Wait! It’s flying off the shelves …

People are catching on and our Puffin Health Liposomal Vitamin C is flying off the shelves. Once more people catch on, our supplies are going to be obliterated. Creating liposomes is not easy … it’s a precise science and our chemist has been perfecting it for 20 years. There’s a lot of quality control and testing required along the way when creating liposomes. We can’t just crank them out like factory vitamins.

What I’m saying is, when we’re out of stock, I’m not sure when the next batch of this super vitamin technology will be available. And this coronavirus landscape is no place to get caught without a 100% outfitted immune system.

So if you don’t want to miss out on the best way to get Vitamin C into your bloodstream and support your immune function, stock up now with this offer and get a great deal on Puffin Health Liposomal Vitamin C! It won’t last much longer!

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